Young Family

The Community Dialogue is an open platform for anyone in search of a community willing to speak about COVID-19 in a positive and supportive environment. You can be involved by joining my forum:

  • When - Fortnightly from Saturday 11 April 2020

  • Time - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

  • Mediated by - Sheila Wood

There is no fee and no ongoing commitment to attend. There is a one off registration process as necessary to maintain a safe space for all participants, and provide you with all the information you will need to join any future Community Dialogue meetings via Zoom.

Although this is not therapy, it does present some challenge to the frame that usually holds therapy requirements for privacy and confidentiality. These are unprecedented times and that challenge is a noble one. It is worthy and manageable, within a responsible protocol. 


It is paramount that we maintain a Safe Space, where all can have a clear voice while maintaining their own needs for privacy and confidentiality. 

We each have Freedom of Choice.

Anyone may choose to disclose first name only or use an alias if that is their preference.

Everyone is invited to consider that Zoom allows audio-only participation. 

It is not recommended that any of us disclose personal and/or professional relationships within the group. 

Participation in the Dialogue Community assumes an undertaking to respect Personal Choices and Confidentiality.