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Welcome to The Dialogue!

In this first blog post for The Dialogue, please let me introduce you to how I think it might be useful in establishing a community of interest and support to the broader community. Each month, I will write a little on a topic that may be of interest to open the dialogue and expand on it in following postings as the initial interest indicates.

An invitation

I invite you to become part of The Dialogue by sharing your thoughts in the comments and suggest any content that is interesting, intriguing or even confusing to you. I will reply to your comments and they may contribute to further blog posts, at your own discretion. If you want to make a confidential contribution, you may choose to email me directly.

Who might contribute

This is a complimentary offer and it is my hope and intention that it may provide an avenue for those looking for clarification but are not needing or ready to enter therapy. I also welcome those who may be able to offer insight based on their own experience and life.

Group work

Although Group Work offers very real benefits, either as a stand alone approach or in conjunction with personal therapy, there have been substantial logistical barriers to establishing good, therapeutic groups.

Primarily, it has been difficult to manage a time and place where sufficient but not too many, compatible participants can gather regularly.

Online therapy

This has come a long way in the past few years. In particular, data reception is now far easier to access and more reliable than it used to be; conferencing software is far more sophisticated and user friendly (please check out the Zoom link at the bottom of the page); and of course, we are much more familiar with computers and other such devices now than we were in times gone by.

The World Wide Web, electronic devices and VOIP communications are embedded in our lives. A great deal of academic, commercial and media attention is focused on the responsible integration of these platforms towards a greater good. All this has not gone unnoticed in the field of Psychotherapy and the specific

pitfalls and benefits of Online Group Work have been extensively researched and examined; ultimately found to offer not only a workable but beneficial and desirable option to cost effective options for therapeutic endeavour.


Please take this opportunity to let me know your thoughts and interests in this exciting new field. Your input can make a difference!

Together, we may find a focal point and establish our first Online Group Programme.

I very much hope to see some of you join together online soon.

Warm regards


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