• Sheila Wood

Are We Ready?

At the last meeting, we had just heard that Stage 1 of the comeback from COVID-19 lockdown was to be implemented. We looked at what this might mean for each of us, the general community, the economy and Australia as a whole.

There is a certain unrest evident amongst us. While everyone is more than ready for a return to normality, it seems we are uncertain that normality will ever look the same as it used to; we are apprehensive about the right way to ease the very strange environment we have learned to live in over the past months.

And what of the economy? There is broad agreement that COVID-19 and the lockdown has been devastating in this area and we question whether the easing of regulations will have a positive or negative impact in its early stages.

There is a dissonance between our experience in Australia and that reported for much of the rest of the world. We are all aware of the catastrophic impact in other countries, other economies. Yet, it seems surreal and we are hesitant to engage too deeply with the human element. We speak instead of the Global political scene and economy. Perhaps it’s right that it should be so.

We speak of mental health impacts and considerations. In large part, we are coping. There is also an acute awareness of the increase in Domestic Violence and how that will play out in the social arena.

So now, 2 weeks on, we have seen something of the response to Stage 1 of the return from lockdown. I am in a privileged position in as much as I am afforded a close monitoring of the way people are affected, both here and Internationally. Several common themes emerge and map out the territory for personal decision making, for conscious concern and also hope in the future.

Our next Live Dialogue: Saturday, May 23rd at 4 – 5/5:30pm

I hope to see some of you there and I will close now with some thoughts arising in communications with colleagues internationally and conversations within the local community. The acute experience of my colleagues overseas helps to shine light on matters that are far more subtle in Australia.

· The sound of sirens and flowers - New York

· A Moral Stop - Spain

· Women in politics - New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland

· Great powers failing – US, UK

· The cost of human life and suffering vs The Economy - Global

· Trump and China – Australia

· The effect of non-compliance – Australia

· Uncertainty and Adjustment – Mental Health Professionals Everywhere

I’m hearing the rumblings and I’m looking forward to adding your understanding to my own, that we might all find a more balanced conclusion.

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